I can only imagine the way the rest of us lazy folk make truly talented photographers feel when we snap a picture here or there and think it’s worthy of publication and payment. We’re terrible, all of us, with advanced technology shoved and twisted and packed and compressed into tiny hand-held devices that produce outstanding images at a whim. It makes us think we’re good at this, this art of photography.

We’re not.

Quite the opposite, we suck.

We have no understanding of composition or balance or depth or framing. We think we do, because we read in a blog somewhere once that there are no rules to photography! Which is just crap.

Total crap.

I don’t take good pictures. I take decent snapshots. Sometimes. I think. They are fab for Facebook and Instagram, but sometimes I wish there was a better place for them. Hence, my photo blog.

It’s not a blog of the first-rate phantasms that pop through my lens. It’s a collection of things I saw and liked, and captured with my smartphone or Kodak cheapie.

This is the world as I see it, developed here, because the darkroom has changed.